Dear Members,

SCRPM Education Series (SES)

First of all, thank you for giving me and the newly elected council members the opportunity to serve you for another 2 years. Two new posts were introduced, namely Assistant Treasurer and Technical Director. They are Mr Chan Tien Fatt and Ms Teo Jau Shya respectively. We have had a good 2 years of talks, workshops and fun activities for networking and we are now working very hard to make the coming 2 years just as eventful and educational, if not more.
The council members have come up with this SCRPM Educational Series, in short SES, to provide opportunities for continuing education and personal enrichment. We hope to address topics relevant to your work as well as bringing you up to date on issues in clinical research that are ever changing. To kick off this series we have 2 very experienced auditors, Ms. Kathrien Dejonghe and Ms Jenny Tan who would conduct a half day workshop on "Misconduct in Clinical Research & Potential Fraud". We need to charge a small fee to help out with securing some funds for the society, hope you can get your company to support you. Details of this first SES will be found on the website and enclosed brochures, and stay tune for the next SES on "How to evaluate Clinical Laboratories for compliance to regulations and GLP"
We are always open to ideas and suggestions. If you have any topics that you would like us to cover under this SES, do let us know. We will still continue with our two monthly meetings where we will be inviting relevant local speakers to update us on the clinical research environment and its changes. Topics that have been identified are "MREC guidelines for minor", "Biosimiliars and First in human studies" and "Medical Device Act 2010".

Wishing all a successful year and see you at all our meetings, workshops and activities!

Dr Cheong Yuent Meng
President 2013-2014

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